Pre & Postnatal Training 

Mind + Body Programs for Life’s Greatest Transitions

We provide unique exercise programs as you transition through pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. Exercise in the prenatal and postnatal period must be approached with care, making personal training during this time a valuable service. The physiological changes associated with pregnancy influence the design and effectiveness of exercise programming. Let our certified Pre- and Post-Natal Trainers guide you and your bump or baby through carefully selected strength training, Pilates and Yoga exercise programs.

How it Works

Get the go-ahead from your doctor. Many of today’s obstetricians promote the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, helping women experience healthy pregnancies and improved recovery time. For postnatal clients, you will most likely be cleared after your 6-week postnatal checkup.

Schedule a consult. Your coach will give you an overview of your program, and discuss what to expect from your fitness regimen as your pregnancy progresses. The body undergoes a host of physical changes as a way to accommodate the growing baby: the uterus grows, shifting a woman’s center of gravity; the pelvic floor takes on additional stress as the baby’s weight increases; and joints begin to loosen in response to hormones. Good posture, strength, and cardiovascular health can play an important role in helping you experience a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

Attend your sessions. Your programing may include one-on-one Pilates, semi-private strength and conditioning, group Yoga, well-mama nutrition coaching, community baby-prep events, massage, and acupuncture.

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