Our kids program was developed to open our space to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers with the belief that PLAY is POWERFUL and is a fundamental part of development and growth.

Our space is transformed to accommodate kids and our instructors are well-reputed for their passion and talent.

If you haven't tried one of our kids classes, get started by requesting a trial.

If you've already tried a class and you're ready for more, choose a membership tier that works for your family below.

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DOUBLE PLAY (2 classes per week / $195 per month)

TRIPLE PLAY (3 classes per week / $285 per month)

QUAD PLAY (4 classes per week / $349 per month)

POWERPLAY (unlimited classes / $529 per month)

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE: $99 (complimentary workshops and guest passes)


If you've already signed-up for a membership tier, check out our current class schedule and we'll see you in the studio soon!