Style : Athleisure

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Athleisure, defined as (yes, it’s an official word): casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use. The trend likely started with the yoga pant showing up outside the studio and picked up speed with the launch of celebrity lines, like Beyoncé’s co-founded line, Ivy Park. We love this trend (which will hopefully stick around!) for its sporty/retro vibe and high comfort factor. Not sure how to incorporate it into your wardrobe? Here are some styling tips:

1. Foundation pant: Find a good pair of joggers - not tight like yoga pants, not baggy like sweat pants. The jogger is a tailored pant often with a cuff at the ankle, and pockets. These are the pants you’ll love to pull on after your workout, the ones you’ll grab when you travel, and the ones you won’t want to take off! The right fabrication and silhouette will look good enough to wear out: Our picks: women: Men:

2. Matchmaker: the cool factor of the athleisure look is achieved by either going full matchy-matchy (think matching track suits or sweat outfits) or mixing athletic pieces like joggers or leggings with other non-technical clothing pieces, like a fitted sweater, denim, or leather jacket.

3. Vintage sport comeback: flashback to Champion, original Adidas stripes, “Just Do It” slogans, and Fila. Reissued in modern silhouettes, these brands elevate old school basics from gym to chic. Don’t be surprised to see these brands popping up all over department stores. Vintage looks sure to deliver big style include shrunken track jackets and sweatshirts.

4. Neat feet: footwear is a big part of this trend with countless options for rounding out the athleisure look. For sneakers, depending on your style you can go sportier and look for sneakers with bigger soles, thicker laces, or unexpected prints and color combinations. For a more minimal look, choose a sleeker, low profile style like a lightweight slip on. For the summer, pair those joggers (or biker shorts) with a pair of athletic slides. Bonus: you look on-trend, AND you’re ready to workout at any time!